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Routes and maps of Venice

In Iki Maps I create maps on which you can find the routes and location I write about at this site. You can view the maps via Google Maps, Bing or OpenStreetMaps, to your liking.

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Historical bridges Bridge route Venice » There are many bridges in the city that have their own story. In totality Venice has around 400 bridges. The most interesting, most fun bridges with their story are recorded in the Bridge Route of Venice.
Traghetto-crossings Traghetto-crossings » Did you know you can cross Canal Grande by traghetto? Check this map for the places where you get aboard. The routes are nicely situated between the four bridges that span the Canal Grande.
Casanova-route Finding the Venice of Giacomo Casanova Looking for the Venice of Casanova? This map will take you past all the important places where he dwelt during his time in this beautiful city of water.
Venetië in stone) decorations of stone around the city » bas-reliefs, sculptures, statues in Venice and their origin or meaning.

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