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Food Venetian style, this is how it’s done

Laatste update op 14 September 2018Where Spain is famous for its tapas and Italy for its paste and pizza dishes, Venice offers her very own special cuisine. What about chicchetti, carpaccio (yep), trammezzini and delicious dishes as sarde in saòr and baccalà mantecato. Fingerlicking good! This is how you would Read more…

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Venice is not that expensive!

Laatste update op 18 November 2017It is probably one of the greatest misfits about Venice: the idea that it would be an expensive city. As tourists flood the city more often than acqua alta, there is actually no need for restaurants to present a big bill. For food and drink, Read more…

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Handy stuff for your visit to Venice

Laatste update op 18 November 2017 San Marco Basilca and no crowd? Visit the evening mas of 18.45, website: Short stay, no queues, see much? Visit Scuola Grande di San Rocco Cross the Canal Grande by traghetto Take a guided tour (you will see more, learn more and you Read more…


Cruise ships: no more!

Laatste update op 18 November 2017The sticker says it all: a lot of Venetians are tired with the increasing amount of cruise ships in the lagune. Some started a campaign to get rid of the huge ships that spit out enormous amounts of tourists. The photo featuring this article was Read more…

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