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Where Spain is famous for its tapas and Italy for its paste and pizza dishes, Venice offers her very own special cuisine. What about chicchetti, carpaccio (yep), trammezzini and delicious dishes as sarde in saòr and baccalà mantecato. Fingerlicking good!

This is how you would spend a culinary day in Venice, Venetian style. Yum.

Morning goods

In a coffee bar, standing at the counter, order a strong espresso and drink it at the spot. Or choose the Italian cappuccino (but not after 11.00, as that is not how it’s done). Pick a delicious sweet chocolate bread with the coffee delight and you are on your way to the best start of the day I can think of.

A little hungry around eleven? There are lots of little shops that sell tramezzini and serve that second cup of coffee. Tramezzini are very delicious, prepared white sandwiches. Pick the tramezzino with tuna and egg (al tonno e uovo) or the one with mortadella, tomato and rocketsalad (con mortadella, pomodori e rucola). Now you can handle the rest of the time until lunch hour.


No lunch in Venice goes without a glass of wine. Of course you choose Veneto-wine, for example the Pinot Grigio. And in case you were wondering: nope, there is absolutely no rule against enjoying an extensive lunch. Just go for it. Start with the typical Venetian dish ‘sardines in sour’ (sarde in saòr) – don’t eat the bones – and pick the spaghetti sepia (black of the ink of squid) or the spaghetti vongole (with cockles). Room left for desert, then of course you order the tiramisù … or maybe an almond cookie with a cup of coffee. Did you know tiramisù really originates from the Veneto-region? The desert got its name ‘tirame su’ (give me a boost) in a restaurant in Treviso.

Cocktail hour

I presume that it is Friday, last day of the week. Perfect to go have some drinks after work with the locals. Of course you combine this cocktail hour with the Venetian version of tapas: chiccetti to go with your alcoholic beverage. Chiccetti are small, very offerable little snacks for the burgundian. Try for example the polpette (small balls of meatloaf), nothing of the sort. Yum. And the alcohol? Spritz Aperol is an excellent choice. To have this small feast, go to a so-called ‘bàcari’, where you can meat the locals.

Should you want to bring some of those lovely Venetian tastes, then stop by at Vizio Virtù. That is the store of a artisanal chocolatier in Castello, whom really creates delicious stuff out of that soft gold. The pralines are little works of art.


Bursting at the seams? No problem; in Venice you enjoy dinner not around 18.00, but a few hours later. Enough time to be ready for the dinner delights of Venice. Of course you start with the very Venetian carpaccio. Next, choose the stock fish, baccalà mantecato, with bread. Then the main course and as you know Venice is even married to the sea, you know what to order. More fish. Pick the day-fresh fish from the Rialto Market. Do not forget to order a lovely bottle of win.Desert? Italian ice or a tasty cocktail like the scroppino (sgropìn according to the Venetian dialect) or the Bellini.

Plans to go out at night, then see to a Venetian joining your group and let him/her order the drinks. That will be just a whole lot more friendly to your budget (as tourists pay more, that is simply how it is done in Venice). So be it.

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Laura Cordero · Sunday January 14th, 2018 at 09:24 PM

Hi Helma, I wish we had known about this website earlier! I love the the information you’ve posted on stories, facts and tidbits on Venice that I’ve never heard before. The connections between art, history and travel and just perfect. It was such a pleasure meeting you in Venice and learning about your book. Fantastic work! I hope we can meet again one day in the future. All the best from Laura and Victor.

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