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If you want to experience Venice in an entirely different way, try a small motorboat. It is so easy: rent a boat (with or without your own boatsman) at Brussa is Boat en check out the city from the lagoon. If you are familiar with handling a motorboat, you can just steer it yourself. 

In case the weather is warm and your feet are sore from walking the streets of Venice, it is an excellent idea to enjoy the city from the lagoon. Bring your own prosecco and some trammezzinni and fun is guaranteed that afternoon.

Wind in your head

Brussa is Boat is located at Fondamente de Ca’Labia, not far from trainstation Santa Lucia. At the bridge Ponte delle Guglie you can see their boats waiting you in the canal (see the map at to bottom of this page for the location). You will be instructed how to use the motor or you ask for your own boatsman, for example this friendly Venetian ;-).

From the Canale di Cannaregio you can simply navigate via Ponte dei Tre Archi (the only bridge with three arches in Venice) to the lagoon. A map with several routes is provided and they all vary in length/duration. For three hours of boating, petrol included, you will pay around 150 euros. For that amount you can enjoy a lovely boat ride with six, for example around Venice or around the isles in the lagoon (Murano, Burano, Torcello). Please mind where you’re going, as the route is not always as clear as you would like, which may result in you ending up somewhere else than expected. Don’t worry, Brussa will always be able to track you through GPS.

You may not navigate your boat throught the canals of the city. Don’t even want that: passing the small bridges may be challenging even if the tide is low. The Canal Grande is also forbidden territory. Even residents are allowed to go their only in the afternoon.  In addition the waterways of the city are guarded with CCTV, so be aware of fines.


When you’re back and there is still some energy left, visit the Chiesa San Geremia where you can admire the relics of Santa Lucia. No energy left? Simply sit down at Pedrocchi’s in front of the church. They serve a delicious, fresh ice-limoncello. Yum!




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