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Galileo Galilei, brilliant and experimental

Laatste update op 18 November 201715 February 1564 Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy (1564-1642). You probably know the town from the tilted tower. According to the Dutch Observatory (Volkssterrenwacht) Galileo was a brilliant theoreticus amongst other things as a skilled inventor, an experimental instrument builder and a meticulous Read more…

vismarkt Rialto

Food Venetian style, this is how it’s done

Laatste update op 14 September 2018Where Spain is famous for its tapas and Italy for its paste and pizza dishes, Venice offers her very own special cuisine. What about chicchetti, carpaccio (yep), trammezzini and delicious dishes as sarde in saòr and baccalà mantecato. Fingerlicking good! This is how you would Read more…

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