Laatste update op 8 May 2020

Maybe it sounds strange to your ears: virtue in a city like Venice, famous for the excessive festivities, masquerades and brothels. However, it is there.

To find it, pay a visit to the Scuola Grande dei Carmini. Maybe this is not a famous building, but you will find beautiful fresco’s from Giambattista Tiepolo, for example this allegory of Merit accompanied by Nobility and Virtue. He painted it in 1740.

The scuola is located in sestiere Dorsodoru. Tiepolo performed several projects in this building, like the allegory of Humility, Indulgence and Truth. It will be well worth to spend some time in this scuola. The fresco’s of Tiepolo can be found in the Sala del Capitolo (room of ‘surrender’). And you know: whatever place is less known, is also less crowded.



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