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De Dutch guardsmen of Venice (“Poorters van Venetië”) gather money for restauration projects in Venice. The greater part of the money is spent on projects in the church San Zaccaria. The results so far are fantastic and sometimes a restoration project turns out into an amazing surprise, as now: an unknown fresco was discovered when a layer of soot was removed.


When the soot was removed a promising colour of ocher appeared. Soon a fresco (wall painting) was unveiled. Experts say the work was made by a gifted artist. We have to wait a bit for more details as they are investigating date and artist. The fresco can be found between the chapels of Saint Athanasius and Saint Tarasio, with art works of Tintoretto, Tiepolo, Vivarini and d’Algemanga.

Relics Saint Zaccaria

Poorters van Venetië

Poorters van Venetië

The church of San Zaccaria can be found at the Campo San Zaccaria, een square on stones throw of the heart of Venice: the Piazza San Marco. The beautfiul church (example of renaissance) dates back to the 9th century. The church accomodates the relics of Saint Zacharias (father of John the Baptist). The tomb is a design of Alessandro Vittoria (1559). With the discovery of the fresco, you have just an extra reason to pay this church a visit.


In the heart of Venice, near Piazza San Marco:



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